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Health Optimization


Optimize Your Health by choosing any of the following ways to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals:

  1. Buy and eat local organic products

  2. Eat only wild-caught fish, avoid farm-raised fish

  3. Eat only organic pasture-raised eggs, chicken or beef

  4. Eat magnesium-rich foods*

  5. Reduce common household chemicals by choosing natural cleaning products for your home. My favorite is half vinegar and water in a spray bottle

  6. Cook food in a ceramic, stainless steel or glass pots & pans, replace non-stick ones

  7. Replace plastic water bottles with glass or stainless steel bottles

  8. Store food and beverages in glass, avoid plastic wrap

  9. Drink and bathe with filtered water

  10. Use organic skin, hair and body care products, avoid the dirty dozen**


*For further information visit Treatment guidelines Miracle of Magnesium
**For further information visit Treatment-guidelines Chosing Healthy Products

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