Wild Kelp Pecans (Medium, 7 oz)

SKU: P80004

These delicious wild harvested, pesticide free, American Native Missouri pecans are grown in cooler climate. The slower growth makes these raw pecans sweeter and better tasting – a delicacy of the Osage Indians. Infused with great love and care, the pecans which are laden in protein and other trace minerals, are soaked in filtered water with raw Himalayan crystal salt, an enzyme inhibitor, and wild kelp seaweed from a protected cove in Maine. The soaking process is used to make the pecans easier to digest and to make their nutrients more readily available to the body.  Kelp is used, because it is one of the best food sources of magnesium, the essential mineral that is missing from most of our foods today.  The pecans are then gently dried for several days to preserve them and then hand-packed in a glass jar or a compostable packet. The end product is a tasty and healthy treat.


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