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Becoming a Patient

Homeopathy is a compassionate, safe, gentle and effective holistic system of medicine that focuses on treating the whole individual. This is achieved through the use of homeopathic medicines, commonly referred to as a remedy. Dr. Linda works with you to find the best constitutional remedy for your overall wellness.

With classical homeopathy, the goal of your first appointment is to find a single homeopathic medicine that will treat the whole person.  During your first visit, which will last about 1 1/2 hours, we will have an in-depth discussion of your health issues and profile, symptoms to determine the best homeopathic medicine for your situation. You will not receive any medicine at this appointment.

The goal of your second appointment is to receive your homeopathic medicine and to learn about homeopathy, how remedies work and what to expect in your body’s healing process. You will be given a homeopathic remedy at this time. Homeopathy heals very differently than conventional medicine. It is very important to learn what to expect before you are given the medicine, similar to learning the rules of the road, before you actually drive. Wisdom is very empowering. How to Take a Remedy.

Future visits are individualized based on your needs. A comprehensive holistic treatment plan will be designed, including management of your supplements and necessary dietary changes. Dr. Linda usually sees patients with chronic problems every 4 to 6 weeks until they have reached a level of health where they can come in as needed.


As with all physicians, she cannot guarantee results. Most Montclair Homeopathy patients do well with homeopathy. Unfortunately, there are others who, despite Dr. Linda’s best efforts and their full cooperation, get few results. Your specific disease condition will resolve as you respond to the medicine. This is true for chronic problems and for acute diseases as well.

Patients with chronic problems on the right remedy will usually have positive results within 4-6 weeks. Thereafter, month by month improvement generally occurs as the body heals. Occasionally, a few prescriptions are necessary before a good response is obtained. This is true for all homeopathic practitioners.

Phone calls

Messages will be treated confidential. If you leave a phone message and do not receive a return call, please call again. (Perhaps your message wasn’t clear. Always leave your name and number.)

This is how the process works.

Your Initial Appointment

This appointment builds the foundation for your wellness experience with Dr. Linda. She will talk—and listen—to get an accurate picture of your physical, mental, emotional and holistic picture. This enables her to select the appropriate constitutional remedy, which strengthens and balances your immune system.

How to Prepare

Come prepared with a journal/paper to take notes.

Thoroughly review this page and the What Is Homeopathy? section of the website.

To maximize the effectiveness of your appointment, take time to reflect on the issues or symptoms you would like to improve. Create in your journal, three columns. List the symptom in the first column, how long you have had it in the second column, and the impact it has on your life in the last column. Updating this list often will act a road map for your healing progress.

For example:

What is the issue?How long have you had it?Degree of impact (1 to 10)

Migraines10 years8

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